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Raising Hope S02E04 Season 2 Episode 4 or Episode #26 counting from the beginning (2x04) songs list sound track called "Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent!"
Aired: Wednesday October 5, 2011
Daddy-O by The Freelance Economy youtube
Into opening beginning theme song

She Smiles by The Gods Of Macho youtube
Song appears at the end of the episode while they dance on the rooftop.

Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton youtube
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Knockin Boots by Torro Torro youtube
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The Gambler by Donald Schlitz youtube
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Start Me Up by DJ Roc youtube
Song appears when Virgin's cousin is dancing with the male stripper in the hotel room.

A Pain In My Chest by Michael Haggins youtube
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Raising Hope S02E04 Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent! | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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