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Beastly 2011 song list soundtrack

On the Radio by Regina Spektor youtube
At the schoolparty, Kyle gives Lindy the rose.

Forever and a Day by Jem youtube
Kyle and Lindy watch the sunrise, and Lindy falls asleep.

Broken Arrow by Pixie youtube
At the end of the movie

Vanity by Lady GaGa youtube
At the beginning of the movie, where Kyle is working out.

Mayan Drumming by Johnny C and the Mayans youtube
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Wonderland by Natalia Kills youtube
At the schoolparty, Kyle dances with Sloane.

Garden of Exile by Toby Martin youtube
Kyle has just moved into his new apartment.

Get Free by The Vines youtube
Kyle is driving his motorcycle.

Boys and Girls by Pixie Lott youtube
Kyle asks Kendra to reverse the spell.

Crashing by Gersey youtube
When Kyle went to the Halloween party and ran into Lindy and seen his ex with some one else.

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie youtube
(About 30 Minutes Into The Film) Hunter Has Just Deactivated His Social Networking Page; He Then Follows Lindy From Her House To Her Corner Shop.

All Day And All Of The Night by Vanessa Hudgens youtube
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Today Is the Day by Tim Myers youtube
Kyle writes another letter to Lindy.

The Long Goodbye by Army Navy youtube
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Breathe In Breathe Out by Mat Kearney youtube
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Heaven by Fire Theft youtube
When Lindy gets on the train and tells Kyle that he is a good friend. Then Kyle gets upset and doesn't return her calls

Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott youtube
The ending credits

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