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Blue Crush 2002 song list soundtrack

Cruel Summer (Blestenation Mix) by Blestenation youtube
(1:39) End credits

Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley youtube
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Jam for the Ladies by Moby youtube
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Firesuite by Doves youtube
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Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix Edit) by N.E.R.D. youtube
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Party Hard by Beenie Man youtube
(0:35) Driving side by side on the road negotiating surf lessons.

Destiny by Zero 7 youtube
(0:43) Anne agrees to come up to Matt's room. He takes the elevator, she goes up the back stairway.

If I Could Fall In Love by Lenny Kravitz youtube
(0:50) Anne and Matt go surfing at a local's spot and again at (1:43) as second song during closing credits

Big Love by Chicken youtube
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Youth of the Nation by P.O.D. youtube
(0:59) Anne gets pulled into the big waves by the jet ski driven by Eden.

Daybreaker by Beth Orton youtube
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Everybody Got Their Something by Nikka Costa youtube
(1:37) Anne gets a perfect 10 on the last wave.

And You Be Loved by Damian "Junior Gong" Marley youtube
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Cruel Summer by Studio Group youtube
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Front 2 Back (Fatboy Slim Remix) by Play Group youtube
(0:38) Surf lessons

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