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Due Date 2010 song list soundtrack

Mykonos by Fleet Foxes youtube
When Ethan falls asleep behind the wheel of his car.

Hold On I'm Comin' by Sam & Dave youtube
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People Are Crazy by Billy Currington youtube
Inside Waffle house while Ethan was feeding Sonny waffles

Yankee Doodle Mouse by Scott Bradley youtube
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White Room by Cream youtube
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New Moon Rising by Wolfmother youtube
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Closing Time by Danny McBride youtube
The western union fight scene

This Is Why I'm Hot by The Arc Choir youtube
When Ethan is in the back of Dwayne's Truck

Old Man (Live At Massey Hall 1971) by Neil Young youtube
After they leave Darrell's house and are in his Range Rover

Hey You by Pink Floyd youtube
it is Mostly Autumn's version of the song and it plays when Ethan is smoking marijuana in the car and the smoke gets everyone high and they take the wrong turn and drive to Mexico.

Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies youtube
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Is There a Ghost by Band of Horses youtube
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Amazing Grace by Rod Stewart youtube
At the Grand Canyon while Ethan is Dumping his dad's Ashes.

Check Ya Self 2010 by Ice Cube youtube

That's Why I'm Hot by Mims youtube
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