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Friends with Benefits 2011 song list soundtrack

Magic Carpet Ride (Philip Steir Remix) by Steppenwolf youtube
(0:24) Party and again at (1:44) End credits

L.O.V. by Fitz and The Tantrums youtube
when dylan and jamie are being dumped by their partners

Booty Call by G. Love & Special Sauce youtube
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New York, New York (FWB remix) by Ray Quinn, featuring UltraLove youtube
Flash mob in Times Square.

Boys Don't Cry by Grant Lee Phillips youtube

Such A Colorful World by Max & Simon youtube
(0:58) On the plane to LA and arriving at the beach house

Satellite by Peter Conway youtube
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Let a Woman be a Woman (and a Man be a Man) by Dyke and the Blazers youtube
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At the Window by Double O Zero youtube
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Love's Gonna Getcha by Tal & Acacia youtube
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Jump by Kris Kross youtube
(1:05) Jamie starts playing the song on her phone and Dylan sings along

This Too Shall Pass by Rogue Wave youtube
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Tightrope by Janelle Monae youtube
(0:14) Jamie takes Dylan to see her 'mountain top'

Take a Bow by Greg Laswell youtube
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Closing Time by Semisonic youtube
(1:42) Dylan tells Jamie he wants his best friend back because he loves her

Paradise Dreaming (From the Film "Friends With Benefits") by Eric Paul youtube
when jamie is in the airport waiting for dylan to arrive

Hey, Soul Sister by Train youtube
(0:27) At the end of the romantic comedy Jamie and Dylan were watching & it plays again when they're going on their first date

The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats youtube
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Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People youtube
Dylan is making out with a girl when his sister calls

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie youtube
(1:16) Hiking up to the Hollywood sign.

Everyday by Vetiver youtube
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Dominos (Rustie Remix) [Bonus Track] by The Big Pink youtube
When Justin Timberlake first meets Shawn White for the first time on the roof top party.

Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars youtube

Unconditioner Love by Ryan Perez-Daple youtube
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Girls Fall Like Dominoes by Nicki Minaj youtube
(0:11) Roofdeck party

Fake Movie Schmaltzfest by Halli Cauthery youtube
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Life's A Party by Tim Meyers youtube
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Nice Try by I Am Arrows youtube
when jamie "broke" with Stares-at-Trees(0:56)

Just a Friend by Biz Markie youtube
saxophonist in the park is playing a rendition of this piece

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