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Iron Man 2008 song list soundtrack

Cochise by Audioslave youtube
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Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies youtube
Tony working on engine with JARVIS as Pepper enters the lab.

Iron Man by Black Sabbath youtube
Not in film.

Back In Black by AC/DC youtube
The first song, as Stark is driving in the humvee with soldiers

Iron Man by Jack Urbont youtube
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Damn Kid (featured In Iron Man) by DJ Boborobo youtube
Music playing during Apogee Award Stark retrospective.

Slept On Tony by Ghostface Killah youtube
Drunk Rhodey on the plane with dancing stewardesses.

Groovetronic by Terry Devine-King youtube
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Kool Katz by Chucho Merchan youtube
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Licorice by Steve Skinner youtube
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Concerto in Do Maggiroe Per Pianoforte eo Orchestra: Larghetto by Antonio Salieri youtube
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