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Matrix 1999 song list soundtrack

Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack youtube
Neo is sleeping, his computer starts typing and wakes him up.

Dragula by Rob Zombie youtube
Neo meets Trinity in the club.

Leave You Far Behind (Lunatics Roller Coaster Mix) by Lunatic Calm youtube
During the fight training scene between Neo and Morpheus.

Mindfields by Prodigy youtube
Club scene -- faded in from "Dragula" just as Trinity says "My name is Trinity."

Prime Audio Soup by Meat Beat Manifesto youtube
The crew of the Nebuchadnezzar are seen plugging into the Matrix for the first time with Neo in preparation for their visit with The Oracle.

Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan youtube
Morpheus takes Neo into the matrix for the first time, you see the woman in the red dress.

Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt youtube
The faint music that can be heard when Neo meets the Oracle.

I'm Beginning to See the Light by Duke Ellington youtube
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Spybreak! by Propellerheads youtube
The big shootout in the lobby.

Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine youtube
End Credits

Rock Is Dead by Marilyn Manson youtube
End Credits (after RATM)

Bad Blood by Ministry youtube
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My Own Summer (Shove It) by Deftones youtube
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Ultrasonic Sound by Hive youtube
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Look to Your Orb for the Warning by Monster Magnet youtube
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Du Hast by Rammstein youtube
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