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Mallrats 1995 song list soundtrack

Social by Squirtgum youtube
Opening Theme

Seventeen by Sponge youtube
Rene dumps Brodie, then TS visits.

Build Me Up Buttercup by The Goops youtube
Brodie and Rene's tryst in the elevator.

Boogie Shoes by K.C. And the Sunshine Band youtube
Brodie and TS arrive at the "dirt mall."

Bubbles by Bush youtube
TS and Brodie arrive at the mall.

Smoke Two Joints by Sublime youtube
Suitors #1 and #2 get a serious case of the munchies after buying some of Jay's weed.

Stoned by Silverchair youtube
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Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self by Girls Against Boys youtube
TS and Brodie return to Eden Prairie Mall.

Line Up by Elastica youtube
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Guilty by All youtube
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Web in Front by Archers of Loaf youtube
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Thrush Hermit by Hated It youtube
Non-existent. Delete this.

Hated It by Thrush Hermit youtube
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Broken by Belly youtube
Shannon Hamilton is arrested, the couples are reunited, and Jay discovers Silent Bob's Jedi Mind Tricks are legit.

Susanne (Single Version) by Weezer youtube

Mallrats by Wax youtube
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