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The Perks Of Being a Wallflower 2012 song list soundtrack

Could It Be Another Change? by The Samples youtube
Start of the movie while announcing titles

Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners youtube
Sam and Patrick run excitedly to the dance floor at the homecoming dance once they hear good music. Charlie gathers courage and joins them after seeing them have a lot of fun dancing.

Tugboat by Galaxie 500 youtube
Sam makes a milk shake for stoned Charlie while chatting with him in the kitchen.

Temptation by New Order youtube
The party after Charlie sees The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time.

Evensong by The Innocence Mission youtube
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Asleep by The Smiths youtube
Charlie starts listening to Ponytail Derek's mixtape and this song begins. Then several scenes from Charlie's first few weeks of high school are shown.

Low by Cracker youtube
Charlie unknowingly eats a magic brownie after meeting Mary Elizabeth and Alice at his first party ever, according to Patrick.

Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth youtube
When Sam and Patrick drop Charlie home it is playing in the car and Sam tells Patrick to turn the music down.

Dear God by XTC youtube
Charlie talks about Patrick and Brad's relationship.

Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops by Cocteau Twins youtube
Various scenes from the last day of school and graduation.

Charlie's Last Letter by Michael Brook youtube
Charlie, Patrick, and Sam drive through the tunnel at the end of the film. This leads directly into "Heroes" and then the end credits.

Heroes by David Bowie youtube
The tunnel song 1. Sam climbs out the pickup truck's rear window to flap her arms like a bird. 2. Charlie climbs out of the pickup truck's rear window at the end of movie

Courted by Michael Brook youtube
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Odessa Hip-Hop by Rob Walker youtube
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Rally the Funk by Keith Horn and Doug Bossi youtube
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Love Him by Perfect youtube
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What You've Got by Valentine's Revenge youtube
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Falling Elevators by MC 900 Ft. Jesus youtube
Charlie is sitting on the floor rambling about stuff while he's stoned.

No New Tale to Tell by Love and Rockets youtube
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Here by Pavement youtube
Patrick has everyone raise their glasses in a toast to Charlie at the party.

All Out of Love by Air Supply youtube
Charlie is singing in his room with the headphones on, and sits down and starts to write.

Fanfare / Don't Dream It by Tim Curry youtube
Patrick lip-syncs this in costume at Charlie's first viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Seasick, Yet Still Docked by Morrissey youtube
Charlie watches Sam and Craig dancing at the party.

Bust a Move by Young MC youtube
the song that craig put on instead of charlie's "depressing" mix at the party

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Joey Ramone youtube
played in the scene compilation of sam and charlie SAT studying, charlie asking his father for money, etc.

Sam & Charlie's Piano Theme by Stephen Chbosky youtube
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Ye Olde Backlash by Bongwater youtube
Charlie takes acid on New Year's Eve.

Hot Wax by Alex Silverman youtube
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Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me by Susan Sarandon youtube
Sam is lip-synching to the song in the theatre while the Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing on the screen in the back.

Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House youtube
Charlie and Mary Elizabeth dance at Sadie Hawkins Dancing

Eternity With You by Robert & Johnny youtube
the song Mary-Elizabeth plays for Charlie before they fool around after the Sadie Hawkins dance

Pretend We're Dead by L7 youtube
When Charlie basically lists all the things he doesn't like about Mary-Elizabeth

Counting Backwards by Throwing Muses youtube
When Mary-Elizabeth tell Charlie that she is dating Peter

Araby by The Reivers youtube
When Patrick and Charlie hang out and they share stories and Patrick shares about Brad's dad catching them

Jefferson by Michael Brook youtube
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Lincoln by Michael Brook youtube
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Pouter by Michael Brook youtube
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It's Time by Imagine Dragons youtube
Song from the trailer

We're On Our Way [Bonus Track] by Radical Face youtube
First song featured in the movie's official trailer

Acid by Michael Brook youtube
When Charlie takes acid on New Years Eve.

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