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The Princess Diaries 2001 song list soundtrack

SuperGirl by Krystal Harris youtube
Opening Scenes

Little Bitty Pretty One by Aaron Carter youtube
Mia changing for Princess lessons in back of limo.

Miss You More by BBMak youtube
Right after Mia tells Michael she's going to the Baker Beach Party with Josh.

Crush by 3Gs youtube
Mia and Josh are dancing at the party

What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) by Backstreet Boys youtube
Mia going to see Lilly on the basketball/tennis court the day after the Baker Beach Party.

Miracles Happen by Myra youtube
Scene where Michael and Mia kiss; the finale scene where everyone is seen dancing at the ball

Always Tomorrow by Nobody's An Angel youtube
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Away With the Summer Days by Youngstown youtube
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Stupid Cupid by Mandy Moore youtube
the song lana sings on the beach party

Wake Up by Hanson youtube
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Happy Go Lucky by Steps youtube
Mia and her mother throwing darts at balloons with paint in them.

I Love Life by Melissa Lefton youtube
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Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing by Lil' J youtube
Princess Mia and Queen Clarice going across San Francisco Bridge in Mia's Mustang.

Jesse Hold On by B*Witched youtube
Mia packing to run away

The Journey by Mpulz youtube
When Mia runs out of Debate Class and Beginning of Rock Climbing Scene

A Summer Song by Chad & Jeremy youtube
Josh kissing Mia in her daydream

Blueside by Rooney youtube
The song Michael's band performs in Doctor Motors.

The Make Break Over by Mark Isham youtube
Mia's Transformation Make Over

Wanderin' Blues by John Fiddy, Paul Jones, Tony Tape youtube
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Split Personality by P!nk youtube
Josh fixing his hair and finding Mia right before he asks Mia to the Baker Beach Party

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