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Picture Perfect 1997 song list soundtrack

Show Me How to Catch a Fish by Jane Kelly Williams youtube
Several scenes: Kate hops onto the bus to work. Also played as Kate brings some striped Boutique bags into work. New desk arrives. Kate & Sam watch the tennis game. Kate & Nick get ready for dinner.

Sex Life by Geoffrey Williams youtube
Lights are out as Kate & Bachelor #1 are on her sofa making out.

They Don't Know by Kirsty MacColl youtube
Kate is in her mom's hair salon getting her hair done by her mother for the wedding, the song is playing on a radio in the background.

Raksa Arabia by Damil Ahmed youtube
Man sings it at Susan & Sajit's wedding.

Get Down Tonight by K.C. And the Sunshine Band youtube
Played at Susan & Sajit's wedding reception. Kate sits at table.

Run Around Sue by Dion youtube
Played at Susan & Sajit's wedding reception. Kate watches a cute couple of kids dancing to it, then looks at Susan & Sajit kissing.

The Stripper by David Rose youtube
Played as Sajit takes off wife Susan's lacy garter to toss to the bachelors. (Nick catches it!)

Fruitful Acre by From Good Homes youtube
Played at Gulden's party as Kate walks into the party in a very short Peridot Green dress.

Wide Open Wide by From Good Homes youtube
Played at Gulden's party as Kate is introoduced to Jim Daveport, head of Gulden's.

Extra Super Fine by Dragstrip Superstar youtube
Sam is mingling with guests at Gulden's party. He turns around and finally notices Kate who is leaning on a wall with her drink. They motion to each other they want to leave together.

Bad Girls by Donna Summer youtube
Kate is on the rooftop getting a little tan with her colleage and she orders herself a bouquet of flowers "from Nick". Sam struts down the office hallway and notices them in her office window.

When Dreams Turn to Dust by Cathy Dennis youtube
Kate sits in diner that she plans on meeting Nick at to discuss her plan.

Heaven Only Knows by Swing Out Sister youtube
Kate meets Sam at Manray night club and song is playing on the speakers. Kate introduces Nick to Sam.

I Had the Craziest Dream by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren youtube
Kate & Nick's restaurant dinner date with Mr & Mrs. Mercer, Mr & Mrs. Davenport and Darcy and her husband. 1st song to play.

You'll Never Know by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren youtube
Mr. Mercer & Mr. Davenport ask Nick about his job. Nick impresses everybody by his response.

The More I See You by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren youtube
After Mr. Mercer makes a toast to Nick. Then all the couples go to the dance floor.

Anastasia by Alfred Newman youtube
After Darcy & her hubby leave the restaurant, a Jazz version of this song plays. Mrs Mercer & Mrs. Davenport talk about Pilates. Kate kicks Nick under the table to start "the fight".

You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra youtube
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There's a Lull in My Life by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel youtube
Nick meets Kate outside of restaurant after "the fight" and Nick wishes her the best with Sam. Kate seems confused.

I Try by Macy Gray youtube
Kate sighs on her bed as she realizes she's starting to have feelings for Nick. She walks to bus stop with an umbrella and sunglasses covering her black eye that Sam accidentally gave her.

Amateur by Aimee Mann youtube
Nick leaves Kate in her office feeling guilty for not being truthful to her co-workers. Kate gets call from mom. She gets blue looking at Nick's spot on the sofa. She finds Nick's money envelope.

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring by Johann Sebastian Bach youtube
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Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn youtube
Bride & Groom are married, wedding party follow. Kate & Nick kiss.

Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille youtube
After Kate is handed the bouquet at Susan & Sajit's wedding reception, They sit Nick on a chair and Susan talks Kate into sitting on Nick's lap for pictures together.

Again by Dorcas Cochran & Lionel Newman youtube
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Say What You Want by Texas youtube
blackout: end credits rolling

They Can't Take That Away from Me by George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin youtube
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