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17 Again 2009 song list soundtrack

On My Own by Vincent Vincent and The Villians youtube
Mike helps Alan practice for team; Ned tries to woo principal with schoolbus

Can't Say No by The Helio Sequence youtube
Alex's leg catches fire int eh bowling alley

L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold youtube
Mike's house party

Naive by The Kooks youtube
Mike walks in on Ned & the principal; plays over end credits

This Is Love by Toby Lightman youtube
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You Really Wake Up the Love In Me by The Duke Spirit youtube
Alex & Mike go to the bowling alley

The Greatest by Cat Power youtube
Mike leaves courtroom after reading the letter

Rich Girls by The Virgins youtube
Mike's house party; Maggie talks to Stan

This Is for Real by Motion City Soundtrack youtube
End of trailer

Drop by Ying Yang Twins youtube
Mike talks to Maggie about Stan

Cherish by Kool & The Gang youtube
Ned & Jane drive home from dinner

Bust a Move by Young MC youtube
Mike dances as cheerleaders perform on the court

Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins youtube
Ned is playing video games as Mike comes in to tell him what he is supposed to do

The Underdog by Spoon youtube
Mike drives up to school in the R8

Kid by Pretenders youtube
Mike puts on a CD and dances with scarlet

Nookie by Limp Bizkit youtube
Stan picks up Maggie for the party

Fergalicious by Fergie youtube
cheerleaders perform before the game

This Is Love by PJ Harvey youtube
Mike watches Scarlet dancing in front of the mirror

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