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50/50 2011 song list soundtrack

Brick or Coconuts by Jacuzzi Boys youtube
First song - morning jog along the waterfront

The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack by Liars youtube
(1:26) Adam has his anesthesia administered and goes to the operating room.

Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam youtube
(1:35) Credits

Midnight Blue by John Fumo youtube
coffee shop

High and Dry by Radiohead youtube
(0:10) Adam finds out he has cancer, researches his diagnosis and speaks with his girlfriend.

Simplicity by Harmony & Balance youtube
(0:20) Relaxation exercises with the therapist

New Country by The Walkmen youtube
(0:24) At the hospital for first chemotherapy appointment.

To Love Somebody by Bee Gees youtube
(0:27) High from pot cookies at chemotherapy

Work to Do by The Aggrolites youtube
(0:32) Adam shaves his head

Downtown Blues by Eric V. Hachikian youtube
At home, mom calls

Turn It Down by Sideway Runners youtube
Party at the art show

Angel (RAC Remix) by Mr. Little Jeans youtube
First song at the club / tells the girl he has cancer

Stay the Same by AutoKratz youtube
Second song at the club

Chinese Connection by Diplomats of Solid Sound youtube
At the diner after the club

Too Late For Dancing by Shapes and Sizes youtube
Adam having sex with the girl from the diner

Hunters by Eric V. Hachikian youtube
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Days Gone Down (Still Got the Light In Your Eyes) by Gerry Rafferty youtube
(0:54) Song on the radio in the car with Adam and his therapist

Survival by Eric V. Hachikian youtube
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Crying by Roy Orbison youtube
(1:00) Destroying ex-girlfriend’s painting in the back yard.

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