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Mad Men S07E08 Season 7 Episode 8 or Episode #86 counting from the beginning (7x08) songs list sound track called "Severance"
Aired: Sunday April 5, 2015
RJD2 - A Beautiful Mine youtube
Intro opening beginning theme song

Is That All There Is? by Peggy Lee youtube
Cindy takes her direction from Don auditions and the several other men; Don & Roger have dinner with models at a diner; (repeats) Don sits at the diner; End credits.

I Just Found Out About Love by John Pizzarelli youtube
Don does back to the diner and tries to speak to Diane but she dismisses him and does to talk her break.

You've Got What I Like by Christopher Blue youtube
Don & Diane reenter the diner after having sex alley way and when Don tries to ask her what she's doing their she tells him she leave as he's gotten his 100 dollars worth.

Louie Louie by Jack Ely youtube
Don returns the restaurant, Diane takes his table then he tells her about his dream about Rachel.

Is That All There Is by Peggy Lee youtube
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Mad Men S07E08 Severance | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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