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Fargo S02E02 Season 2 Episode 2 or Episode #12 counting from the beginning (2x02) songs list sound track called "Before the Law"
Aired: Monday October 19, 2015
Fargo (TV series) OST - Bemidji, MN youtube
Theme song beginning opening

Reunion by Bobbie Gentry youtube

Symphony No. 2 'Auferstehung' / 'Resurrection' (arranged intro) by Gustav Mahler (composer) youtube
Tennisball hanging under garage door, Deep freezer turns on, Ed Blomquist mentally prepares for the cleaning, while Peggy leaves for work.

One Hour Ahead of the Posse by Burl Ives youtube
Ed cleans the car.

Song of the Soul by Cris Williamson youtube
Peggy leaves with another woman, while Ed is watching her from his car.

Kansas City by Fats Domino youtube
Peggy arrives home and Constance comes in to use the bathroom and discovers some of Peggy's secrets.

The Eve of the War by Jeff Wayne youtube
End (FX and iTune, No Netflix)

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Fargo S02E02 Before the Law | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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