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The Fosters S05E09 Season 5 Episode 9 or Episode #91 counting from the beginning (5x09) songs list sound track called "Prom"
Aired: Tuesday September 5, 2017
Where You Belong by Kari Kimmel youtube
Theme intro opening song

Ghost Rider by NATHALIE KING youtube
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Only Yours by STEVE COLLUM youtube
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Candy Store by J REA youtube
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All In by LOVEDRUG youtube
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Party of the Year by SIEGE youtube
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I Love You But by JOY FROST youtube
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Danger by CARMEN ROSA youtube
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Enraptured by NOVIE youtube
Brandon asks Callie for the box he gave her so he can give it to Grace. He tells Callie that Grace has a serious illness.

Let You Go (feat. FEiN) by CADEN JESTER youtube
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Lonely World (feat. Tyler Stargle) by DAVE TOUGH PRODUCTIONS youtube
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Beat Stops My Heart by YOUNG SUMMER youtube
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Dreamland by TESSA RAE youtube
Grace begins to feel faint so Brandon allows her to line on him as they dance; Aaron tells Callie if wants to talk he'll be in the car; Callie heads outside and finds ICE looking for Ximena.

Sing It Out by THE YOUNG ROMANS youtube
Mariana recieves an anonymous text telling her they know who destroyed the school model; Mariana admits to Mat that wanted asks him to dance, which he accepts; Mariana leaves her phone at the table when as the anonymous texter recieves themself to be, Nick.

Here We Go Now by DANNY AYER youtube
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If I Was Your Boy by GLASSIO youtube
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