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The Flash S04E05 Season 4 Episode 5 or Episode #74 counting from the beginning (4x05) songs list sound track called "Girls Night Out"
Aired: Tuesday November 7, 2017
"The Flash" Intro Theme youtube
Opening beginning song

Beat and the Pulse (Still Going Remix) by AUSTRA youtube
The guys arrive at The Golden Booty strip club with Ralph; (repeats) a new dancer named Jasmine is announced to the stage, Joe recognizes 'Jasmine' as Cecile's daughter, Joanie.

Blonde, Bad and Beautiful by AIRBOURNE youtube
The guys discover that Ralph is a regular patron of The Golden Booty; Cisco gives Barry his specially made concoction for him to drink then the guys make a toast to Barry and Iris.

Boom Freak by PARTY FAVOR youtube
Killer Frost makes her way into a club where she find Amunet and tells her she's no longer going to work for her.

Jerk It by THUNDERHEIST youtube
Iris, Felicity and Cecile follow Killer Frost's cold signature down into the club.

Trifecta (We Came To Party) by DJ SLIINK, TWRK & DJ GREEN LANTERN youtube
A brawl breaks out at The Golden Booty after Ralph is accused of theft from one of the strippers, the guys are forced to defend themselves in the drunken brawl.

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