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Family Guy S16E06 Season 16 Episode 6 or Episode #295 counting from the beginning (16x06) songs list sound track called "The D in Apartment 23"
Aired: Sunday November 12, 2017
Family Guy - Intro youtube
Into opening theme song

I Love Trash by OSCAR THE GROUCH youtube
Meg sings at her one woman show.

Baywatch by TV TUNESTERS youtube
As Brian watches Baywatch: The Movie, Tweeter explodes with displeased replies for his recent tweet.

Free Bird by LYNYRD SKYNYRD youtube
Chris and Meg have to fight for their right to eat lunch in the school cafeteria; (repeats) Brian gets punched.

Pac Man Fever by BUCKNER & GARCIA youtube
Brian drives away from Griffins house after being forced to move out.

Runaway Train by SOUL ASYLUM youtube
Brain shops for essentials.

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Family Guy S16E06 The D in Apartment 23 | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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