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Grey's Anatomy S14E07 Season 14 Episode 7 or Episode #299 counting from the beginning (14x07) songs list sound track called "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story"
Aired: Thursday November 9, 2017
Psapp - Cosy in the rocket youtube
opening intro song theme

Young Folks by THE WIND AND THE WAVE youtube
On the ferry, Alex tells Meredith everyone is jealous of her Harper Avery nomination; Amelia walks in on Owen & Carina cooking in the nude; Bailey walks to work; Arizona paints Sofia's room.

Cosy In the Rocket by PSAPP youtube
(Old Grey's Theme song) Meredith asks Alex if he sees what she's seeing - Cristina, George and Izzie as they were younger as interns - through their news patients.

They (feat. CanvasBeta) by CONGRATULATIONZ youtube
Alex points out new Izzie to Jo; New Izzie is pregnant and she faints; Everyone arrives to leave for the awards only to find out Mer is working; Meredith works on new George and Cristina.

Such Great Heights by MADI DIAZ & K.S. RHOADS youtube
A TV set up in an OR shows the Harper Averys; Everyone gathers around & Meredith wins the award; Jackson accepts award for her; Meredith has a vision of her mother in the viewing room above & smiles.

Keep Breathing by CONGRATULATIONZ youtube
Jasper is born; Maggie goes over body medical terms with Zola, then discuss their parental loss; Bailey and Richard talk George; Liza holds Jasper for the first time.

Portions for Foxes by RILO KILEY youtube
Owen tells Mer he doesn't see similarity btwn Cristina & 'Cristina'; Bailey takes Warren's car; Meredith and Alex go to tunnels & kick out the interns; Mer & Alex toast with Cristina over the phone.

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