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Shameless S08E02 Season 8 Episode 2 or Episode #86 counting from the beginning (8x02) songs list sound track called "Where's My Meth?"
Aired: Sunday November 12, 2017
The Luck You Got by The High Strung youtube
Intro theme song

Here, There & Nowhere by CATHOLIC ACTION youtube
Carl makes breakfast and the family digs in

Take a Picture by FRANCISCO THE MAN youtube
Lip takes out the trash and spots Charlie and Sierra

Wrong Cloud by STREET JOY youtube
Lip tries to run his rage out

Death by Proxy by RARE MONK youtube
Lip enters Patsy's Pies and joins his AA brothers, and talks to them about how he's bummed about Sierra.

Make Me Wanna Zing by BLACK TOAST MUSIC youtube
Liam with the water in Dylan's shower

Wanna Wanna by TRASHCLUB youtube
Kev and V take down the Russian holdover stuff. Kevin worries about cancer.

Need Somebody by FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS youtube
Ian and Trevor have sex with Courtney and Robert

Never Gonna Be Enough by PICKWICK youtube
Fiona comes home to Ian sitting in the hot tub. They talk.

Polyester by JOHN EVANS youtube
Frank heads out to work and the boys take bets on how long he will last

21 & Counting by THE MYSTERY LIGHTS youtube
Fiona comes for the rent round 2. Crystal bails out the window as Fiona looks on.

End of the Road by BOYZ II MEN youtube
Kevin and V sing End of The Road while waiting for the doctor.

Going out for a Cigarette by TY RICHARDS youtube
Liam and Dylan leave school and walk home

Breaking Free by 1985 youtube
Frank clocks out of work

Explode by ZACHARY KIBBEE youtube
Kevin celebrates that he is cancer free

OO My My My by MARY JANE FONDA youtube
Duran washes Debbie's hair with delight

I Got What You Need by DELTA THIEVES youtube
Frank climbs a ladder to help a customer.

White Silk Toga by FRESH BODY SHOP youtube
Dylan's mom is totally skeeved by the Gallaghers and their house.

Disease by CARDBOARD KIDS youtube
Lip breaks into Charlie's house

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by A LEAF youtube
Charlie shows up to thank Lip.

Beautiful Day by BUS STOP POETS youtube
Debbie grinds off the door to Crystal's unit

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