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Arrow S06E09 Season 6 Episode 9 or Episode #124 counting from the beginning (6x09) songs list sound track called "Irreconcilable Differences"
Aired: Thursday December 7, 2017
Arrow Theme Song youtube
Opening intro music

Your Eyes, Open by KEREN DEBERG youtube
Felicity's parents walk her into the wedding reception; Donna welcomes Oliver to the family; Oliver pulls Felicity away.

Raise Your Glass by P!NK youtube
Oliver and Felicity welcome friends from Ivy Town; Rene, Curtis and Dinah hangout and drink together; Dinah takes a call, they boys talk about frequent calls; Rene inquires about Curtis' daiting life.

Touch the Sky by MOBIUS VANCHOCSTRAW youtube
Quentin gives Oliver a family keepsake; Felicity and Oliver cut their wedding cake; Felicity throws her wedding bouquet.

At Last by ETTA JAMES youtube
Oliver and Felicity have their first dance as husband and wife, then everyone joins in; Thea and Rene bond over loved ones as they dance; Donna and Noah gush over Felicity; Donna and Quentin have an awkward encounter; Quentin tells Oliver about the prosecutors 'smoke and gun'.

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Arrow S06E09 Irreconcilable Differences | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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