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Supergirl S03E09 Season 3 Episode 9 or Episode #51 counting from the beginning (3x09) songs list sound track called "Reign"
Aired: Monday December 4, 2017
Theme from Supergirl by BLAKE NEELY youtube
Intro Opening Theme Song

I Hear (Click, Click, Click) by THE ROSEBUDS youtube
Kara and Alex's Christmas party; Kara offers everyone the famed Danvers eggnog; James and Lena chat over drinks; J'onn insists Winn play a certain Christmas song for his father.

Jingle Bell Rock by DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES youtube
Winn changes the music; M'yrnn expresses admiration for hot chocolate; Winn realizes that M'yrnn doesn't know what Star Wars is; Alex & Kara ask each other how they're doing; Samantha and Ruby arrive.

Gonna Be Christmas by THE WEEKLINGS youtube
Ruby asks Alex about her interactions with Supergirl; Lena comments on how tired Samantha looks; Kara and Samantha tease Lena about her and James chemistry; J'onn tells Kara they need to leave.

Christmas Time by SONNY ELLIS youtube
Winn and Kara stop by the alien bar and run into Mon-El and Imra hangout; Winn pulls Imra away to grab a beer; Kara and Mon-El awkwardly attempt try having a friendly conversation with one another.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by BRENDA LEE youtube
Supergirl and Reign crash an building and into an office Christmas party, they begin to brawl until they break through the ceiling.

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