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Nashville S06E02 Season 6 Episode 2 or Episode #110 counting from the beginning (6x02) songs list sound track called "Second Chances"
Aired: Thursday January 11, 2018
Ain't No Normal (feat. Clare Bowen) by NASHVILLE CAST youtube
Scarlett performs for the first time without Gunnar in front of a crowd as Deacon watches from the audience.

Right Where You Want Me (feat. Chris Carmack & Sam Palladio) by NASHVILLE CAST youtube
Will and Gunnar perform at Barista Parlor.

Wait Right Here by FRANCES CONE youtube
Avery expresses jealousy over how much fun Will and Gunnar were having on stage; Will suggests Avery join them next time.

Weakness by MARGO PRICE youtube
Avery realizes the guys have taken him to a gig; Gunnar introduces Avery to the babysitter he found for Cadence.

Stop the World (And Let Me Off) [feat. Chris Carmack, Jonathan Jackson & Sam Palladio] by NASHVILLE CAST youtube
Will, Avery and Gunnar play in front of a crowd at a bar; Scarlett backs out of her performance; Darius returns to the center to see Juliette having fund with the others.

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