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The Originals S05E05 Season 5 Episode 5 or Episode #84 counting from the beginning (5x05) songs list sound track called "Don't It Just Break Your Heart"
Aired: Wednesday May 16, 2018
Fats Meets Nacio Herb by RICHARD GEERE youtube
(Flashback - Rostock, Germany, 1933) At a bar, August Miller and Klaus debate the merits of art when Elijah arrives.

She Always Takes It Black by GREGORY ALAN ISAKOV youtube
Hope comes to Roman to tell him her plan to bind herself then shares her first kiss with him.

Trois Gnossienne by ERIK SATIE youtube
Elilah plays Gnossienne at the bar when Antoinette arrives, she confesses to falling in love with him the first time she saw him; (flashback) Elijah offers Antionette a way out of Germany.

The Downfall by RUELLE youtube
Klaus tells Marcel what he did to August and how he gifted the Miller family with shame; (Flashback) Klaus has a final confrontation with August and slaugthers him.

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