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Grey's Anatomy S14E12 Season 14 Episode 12 or Episode #304 counting from the beginning (14x12) songs list sound track called "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
Aired: Thursday February 8, 2018
Psapp - Cosy in the rocket youtube
opening intro song theme

Something That You Want by THEA STONE AND THE TOWN HALL youtube
Montage as the doctors work on their research for the contest; Amelia paces as Deluca and Sam do search for her; Arizona watches TV at home; April tells Vik to go as reminds her of her contest work.

Maybe This Time by LIZA MINNELLI youtube
Kimmie sings as audience gathers outside her hospital room; (repeats) Alex sings as he begins Kimmie's CT scan; Kimmie sings during surgery.

Back to the Beginning by KALISPELL youtube
DeLuca turns on his and Sam's song to seduce her in order to get her to stop eating chips.

Welcome to My House by MAMA HAZE youtube
Inspired by Judy's replicating spleen, Meredith has Helm record her notes for her contest project; Parker tells Owen of patent needed for his project as head out to an ambulance for a patient.

Distance by MIKE SEMPERT youtube
At Joe's bar, Levi guses to the interns about Bailey's project; Arizona asks Carina to be her project partner then kisses her; Meredith and Jo tells Owen of their project; the winners are announced.

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Grey's Anatomy S14E12 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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