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NCIS: Los Angeles S09E14 Season 9 Episode 14 or Episode #206 counting from the beginning (9x14) songs list sound track called "Goodbye, Vietnam"
Aired: Sunday March 11, 2018
No Crew Is Superior by LL Cool J youtube
Beginning opening intro theme song

Jaguar by VINCENT PERROT youtube
Ho Chi Minh City, Callen and Sam walk into a bar, Kensi and Dekes are already there

Le kangourou by VINCENT PERROT youtube
Kensi and Deeks questioning bar employees

Tóc Mai Sợi Vắn Sợi Dài (Long, Uneven Hair) by THANH MAI youtube
Jail scene near end of episode

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NCIS: Los Angeles S09E14 Goodbye, Vietnam | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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