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Nashville S06E09 Season 6 Episode 9 or Episode #117 counting from the beginning (6x09) songs list sound track called "Pick Yourself Up"
Aired: Thursday June 7, 2018
Sorry Now (feat. Rainee Blake) by NASHVILLE CAST youtube
Alannah sings on the bus as she Gunnar, Avery and Will head back to Nashville following Will's discharge from hospital

Hard Days (feat. Sam Palladio, Rainee Blake & Jonathan Jackson) by NASHVILLE CAST youtube
Alannah, Gunnar and Avery rehearse the song without Will

The Giver (feat. Jonathan Jackson) by NASHVILLE CAST youtube
Avery sings to Cadence to try and get her to sleep

My Turn (feat. Chris Carmack) by NASHVILLE CAST youtube
Will composes and sings the song as Maddie packs her suitcase

Can't Get You Out of My Mind by MAD CIRCUIT & NYZZY NYCE youtube
Maddie, Jonah and his entourage play ice hockey at the Bridgestone Arena

Jonah tries to get Maddie to guess where they are going as they are driving somewhere

Irresistible by I AM ORFA youtube
Maddie pulls Twig onto the dance floor when Jonah refuses to dance with her.

Bitter Truth by IRON & WINE youtube
Avery tells Alannah about his relationship with Juliette.

Die Alone (feat. Lucius) by LUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REAL youtube
A tipsy Avery talks about the relationship 'desert' stretching before him, then Alannah says her experience is that it takes another person to get over an ex.

Kills to Be Resistant by BULLY youtube
Alannah insists to Avery need they need to 'dance it out'.

Flying With Ashes by KEILANA MOKULEHUA youtube
Gunnar and Alannah go out to dinner, then he gets upset when he sees a news story suggesting Avery is dating Alannah.

Taste For The Kill by TIM ROSE youtube
Maddie and Twig slow dance as Jonah signals to Twig he has to leave.

Touch by AM & JARELL PERRY youtube
Twig and Maddie dance at the club.

Falling by JACOB DAVIS youtube
Maisy Stella discussing relationship issues in cafeteria with friends as she hears of news about her stepdad but is the last to know. "Falling" is an unreleased song from Jacob Davis.

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