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The Blacklist S05E21 Season 5 Episode 21 or Episode #110 counting from the beginning (5x21) songs list sound track called "Lawrence Dean Devlin"
Aired: Wednesday May 9, 2018
The Blacklist Theme youtube
Intro opening beginning song

"Pathetique Sonata" (Opus 13), Adagio Cantabile by SOUNDTRACK youtube
Red shows up at Julius' mortuary service and demands he be given contact with Feltmeyer.

Without You by JUNIP youtube
Aram jumps into the water and search frantically for Samar then tries CPR on her.

For What It's Worth by THE LONE BELLOW youtube
Aram plays music for a comatose Samar; Ressler tells Cooper that Samar is unable to breathe on her own without medical help.

At Last by ETTA JAMES youtube
Aram changes the song for Samar then proposes to her.

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The Blacklist S05E21 Lawrence Dean Devlin | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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