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Grey's Anatomy S14E23 Season 14 Episode 23 or Episode #315 counting from the beginning (14x23) songs list sound track called "Cold as Ice"
Aired: Thursday May 10, 2018
Psapp - Cosy in the rocket youtube
opening intro song theme

Leave a Light On by TOM WALKER youtube
14x23 promo song

Love (L.O.V.E.) by DANGER TWINS youtube
April finishes Alex and Jo's wedding invitation sends it out; Montage as everyone reacts receiving the wedding invitation; Amelia arrives Owen's in search on Betty.

Habits by PLESTED youtube
The team continue to do compressions and blood circulation on April as she's moved into the OR to be placed on bypass.

We Come Together by REGINA PRICE youtube
Maggie watches for a rhythm on April then has her defibrillated several times until her heart begins to beat again.

Make This Go On Forever by SNOW PATROL youtube
Arizona divulges that April and Matt have been seeing each other; Meredith tells Alex she feels blessed for the time she had with Derek; Everyone waits on April; Jackson prays; April opens her eyes.

By Your Side by BROOKE ANNIBALE youtube
April explains to the doctors what happened after the accident and that she didn't die; April tells Owen he always comes and brings her back; Jackson goes to the hospital daycare and hugs Harriett.

Coming up for Air by SIGNALS IN SMOKE youtube
End montage; End song. Maggie checks up on April. Bailey brings Matthew in to visie April.

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Grey's Anatomy S14E23 Cold as Ice | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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