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The Blacklist S05E22 Season 5 Episode 22 or Episode #111 counting from the beginning (5x22) songs list sound track called "Sutton Ross"
Aired: Wednesday May 16, 2018
The Blacklist Theme youtube
Intro opening beginning song

Cry of the Martyrs by ALGIERS youtube
Liz and Red race to get to Sutton Ross first; Liz crashes her car.

Chimes Broken by HOLY FUCK youtube
Sutton takes Liz hostage; Cooper and Red argue about giving Sutton the code.

Last Resort & Spa by BATTLE TAPES youtube
Red waits at the pay phone for a meeting while he is under surveillance by the team and continues until he is unmasked face to face with Elizabeth

Retrograde by JAMES BLAKE youtube
Red leaves after killing Sutton; Aram rushes to the hospital; Samar agrees to marry him; Liz talks to Tom at his grave.

Lawless by UNKLE youtube
Liz tells Tom about her deal with Sutton and tricking Red; (Flashback) Liz, Lilly and Sutton plotting, then carrying out their plan; montage of Red killing the people who can reveal his secret.

Nobody Knows (feat. WYNNE) by AUTOGRAF youtube
Liz talks to Tom at his grave and exposes Red's secret. She leaves with Jennifer, ready to destroy Reddington.

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The Blacklist S05E22 Sutton Ross | songs list soundtrack - Show Music
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