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Django Unchained (2012) song list soundtrack

Luis Bacalov - Django youtube
Intro theme song

The Braying Mule - Ennio Morricone youtube
Dr. Schultz and Django arrive in Daughtry, Texas

Luis Bacalov - Lo Chiamavano King - Main titles Song youtube
Dr. Schultz talked to the Marshall/ arrive at cotton plantation

Ennio Morricone - Rito Finale youtube
Dr. Schultz explains bounty hunting to Django

"Freedom" by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton youtube
Django trying to protect Broomhilda

Jim Croce - I Got a Name youtube

Ennio Morricone - Norme Con Ironie youtube
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Luis Bacalov -Django youtube
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Riz Ortolani - Day of Anger youtube
Django training

Rick Ross - 100 Black Coffins youtube
Django riding to Candie's place

Nicaragua - Jerry Goldsmith and Pat Metheny youtube
Arriving at Candie's place

Sister Sarah's Theme by Ennio Morricone youtube
Broomhilda taken out of the hotbox

Elisa Toffoli - Ancora Qui youtube
Dinner is prepared

Beethoven - Fur elise youtube
Broomhilda papers being prepared

James Brown and 2PAC - Unchained youtube
Django in gun fight

John Legend - Who Did That to You youtube
Django free again

Richie Havens - Freedom youtube
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Brother Dege - "Too Old To Die Young" youtube
Django on his way back to rescue Broomhilda

ENNIO MORRICONE -"I Crudeli/ The Hellbenders" youtube
Django gathers weapons

Trinty Titoli - Franco Micalizzi youtube
Django blows the house/End credit title song

RZA - Ode To Django youtube
End credit

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