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A Walk to Remember (2002) song list soundtrack

I Dare You to Move by Switchfoot youtube
Plays when Landon finds out Jamie has cancer, and he's crying as he drives home from his Dad's house.

Cry by Mandy Moore youtube
Landon is watching the sunset on the dock at the end of the movie; Plays into the credits

Someday We'll Know by Jonathan Foreman & Mandy Moore youtube
Plays when Landon is learning to dance from his Mom, and then when he's dancing with Jamie on the back porch during the evening.

Dancing In the Moonlight (2001 Remix) by Toploader youtube
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Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot youtube
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Only Hope by Mandy Moore youtube
Jamie sings this song in the play

It's Gonna Be Love by Mandy Moore youtube
When Landon helps Jamie put the tattoo on her shoulder and then touches it.

You by Switchfoot youtube
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If You Believe by Rachael Lampa youtube
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No One by Cold youtube
When Landon finds Jamie in the yearbook.

So What Does It All Mean? by West, Gould & Fitzgerald youtube
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Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough by New Radicals youtube
Practicing lines for the school play.

Only Hope by Switchfoot youtube
Jamie walks down the aisle.

Cannonball by The Breeders youtube
At the beginning when everyone arrives to jump off the dock thing.

Lighthouse by Mandy Moore youtube
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