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If you want to find out what songs are playing there are two app options to identify music playing during shows, movies, commercials and even in the real world! (such as radio or shops, etc)
Simply download one (or both) of the apps below and install on your android or iOS device, open it while the music is playing - make sure there's not much background noise and the phone or device is close to the speaker playing the music - in the show, on tv or radio, etc. and hopefully the app will give you the answer!

Try it yourself:
  • SoundHound
  • Shazam

  • Or have a look at the alternative website which we are not affiliated with in any way:
  • TuneFind

  • Send us a message if you use other methods or if you know of other apps or websites!

    (Note: we are not affiliated with the above suggested apps or websites)

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