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Episodes for True Blood:

Season 1:

True Blood S01E01 Strange Love  11 songs      views: 645
True Blood S01E02 The First Taste  10 songs      views: 472
True Blood S01E03 Mine  10 songs      views: 489
True Blood S01E04 Escape from Dragon House  8 songs      views: 441
True Blood S01E05 Sparks Fly Out  7 songs      views: 383
True Blood S01E06 Cold Ground  7 songs      views: 510
True Blood S01E07 Burning House of Love  11 songs      views: 444
True Blood S01E08 The Fourth Man in the Fire  8 songs      views: 440
True Blood S01E09 Plaisir D'Amour  6 songs      views: 477
True Blood S01E10 I Don't Wanna Know  9 songs      views: 650
True Blood S01E11 To Love is to Bury  6 songs      views: 350
True Blood S01E12 You'll Be the Death of Me  8 songs      views: 518

Season 2:

True Blood S02E01 Nothing But the Blood  10 songs      views: 401
True Blood S02E02 Keep This Party Going  15 songs      views: 543
True Blood S02E03 Scratches  11 songs      views: 597
True Blood S02E04 Shake and Fingerpop  14 songs      views: 788
True Blood S02E05 Never Let Me Go  9 songs      views: 455
True Blood S02E06 Hard-Hearted Hannah  13 songs      views: 713
True Blood S02E07 Release Me  6 songs      views: 485
True Blood S02E08 Timebomb  5 songs      views: 607
True Blood S02E09 I Will Rise Up  7 songs      views: 482
True Blood S02E10 New World In My View  6 songs      views: 532
True Blood S02E11 Frenzy  8 songs      views: 452
True Blood S02E12 Beyond Here Lies Nothin'  9 songs      views: 457

Season 3:

True Blood S03E01 Bad Blood  11 songs      views: 495
True Blood S03E02 Beautifully Broken  10 songs      views: 398
True Blood S03E03 It Hurts Me Too  10 songs      views: 435
True Blood S03E04 9 Crimes  10 songs      views: 801
True Blood S03E05 Trouble  10 songs      views: 720
True Blood S03E06 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues  11 songs      views: 505
True Blood S03E07 Hitting the Ground  7 songs      views: 430
True Blood S03E08 Night on the Sun  9 songs      views: 489
True Blood S03E09 Everything Is Broken  10 songs      views: 470
True Blood S03E10 I Smell A Rat  9 songs      views: 382
True Blood S03E11 Fresh Blood  7 songs      views: 482
True Blood S03E12 Evil Is Going On  5 songs      views: 433

Season 4:

True Blood S04E01 She's Not There  8 songs      views: 811
True Blood S04E02 You Smell Like Dinner  15 songs      views: 488
True Blood S04E03 If You Love Me, Why am I Dyin'?  8 songs      views: 621
True Blood S04E04 I'm Alive and On Fire  7 songs      views: 520
True Blood S04E05 Me and the Devil  5 songs      views: 391
True Blood S04E06 I Wish I Was the Moon  7 songs      views: 621
True Blood S04E07 Cold Grey Light of Dawn  8 songs      views: 350
True Blood S04E08 Spellbound  7 songs      views: 498
True Blood S04E09 Let's Get Out of Here  6 songs      views: 687
True Blood S04E10 Burning Down the House  3 songs      views: 403
True Blood S04E11 Soul of Fire  3 songs      views: 378
True Blood S04E12 And When I Die  9 songs      views: 501

Season 5:

True Blood S05E01 Turn! Turn! Turn!  8 songs      views: 565
True Blood S05E02 Authority Always Wins  4 songs      views: 369
True Blood S05E03 Whatever I Am, You Made Me  9 songs      views: 541
True Blood S05E04 We'll Meet Again  9 songs      views: 885
True Blood S05E05 Let's Boot and Rally  4 songs      views: 540
True Blood S05E06 Hopeless  12 songs      views: 458
True Blood S05E07 In the Beginning  4 songs      views: 464
True Blood S05E08 Somebody That I Used to Know  5 songs      views: 362
True Blood S05E09 Everybody Wants to Rule the World  8 songs      views: 611
True Blood S05E10 Gone, Gone, Gone  8 songs      views: 476
True Blood S05E11 Sunset  9 songs      views: 523
True Blood S05E12 Save Yourself  2 songs      views: 526

Season 6:

True Blood S06E01 Who Are You, Really?  1 song      views: 1252
True Blood S06E02 The Sun  3 songs      views: 3448
True Blood S06E03 You're No Good  2 songs      views: 1466
True Blood S06E04 At Last  7 songs      views: 1111
True Blood S06E05 Fuck the Pain Away  5 songs      views: 1182
True Blood S06E06 Don't You Feel Me?  4 songs      views: 1011
True Blood S06E07 In the Evening  2 songs      views: 1094
True Blood S06E08 Dead Meat  4 songs      views: 1109
True Blood S06E09 Life Matters  4 songs      views: 1742
True Blood S06E10 Radioactive  5 songs      views: 1019

Season 7:

True Blood S07E01 Jesus Gonna Be Here  3 songs      views: 373
True Blood S07E02 I Found You  2 songs      views: 239
True Blood S07E03 Fire in the Hole  4 songs      views: 297
True Blood S07E04 Death is Not the End  4 songs      views: 404
True Blood S07E05 Lost Cause  10 songs      views: 393
True Blood S07E06 Karma  4 songs      views: 636
True Blood S07E07 May Be the Last Time  9 songs      views: 272
True Blood S07E08 Almost Home  3 songs      views: 580
True Blood S07E09 Love Is to Die  3 songs      views: 358
True Blood S07E10 Thank You  3 songs      views: 313
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